Offering a wide and varied selection of food, which include the following
  • Baking & Dried Goods – beans & Pulses, dried fruit, nuts & seeds, marriages flour both organic & non organic, cake & pastry ingredients, coconut products, gluten free baking, sugar, honey cooking oils,
  • Seasonings & dressings – soy sauce, vinegars, mustards & relishes, cook-in sauces, pataks pickles & pastes
  • Pasta & convenience foods – pasta sauces, pasta sheets, white & green, gluten free pasta, organic & wholewheat pasta, noodles, oriental noodles, Kamut pasta & Pulses
    spaghetti, dried food mixes, soup, tinned/beans, olives, capers, tomato products – passata, puree,sundried/in oil
  • Cereals – Porridge Oats organic & non Organic, Muesli, wheat biscuits, cornflakes, gluten free cereals, granola, bran flakes, rye flakes, spelt flakes
  • Spreads, sweet & savoury – peanut butter, other nut butters, tahini, yeast & barley extracts, pates, jams, marmalades, fruit spreads
  • Chilled & frozen – tofu & meat free meals, fresh dips & spreads, yoghurts (dairy & non-dairy) , cheese & soya Cheese, bean sprouts, chilled pastry, organic milk & butter, eggs, cream, creme fraiche, non-dairy desserts, dairy ice cream
  • Bread & home made cakes
  • Sweets & snacks – savoury snacks, chocolate & carob bars, flapjacks & cereal bars, halva, 9 bar, eat natural bars, fruit snacks
  • Herbs & spices
  • Packed down foods - organic & non-organic beans, organic & non-organic lentils, muesli, organic & non-organic dried fruit, baking ingredients, organic & non-organic flour, organic & non-organic grains, organic & non-organic nuts, organic & non-organic seeds, organic & non-organic rice, salt, snacks & many other products
  • Suma – tinned soups, tomato products, sauces, chick peas, butter beans
  • Meridian – Sauces, French dressing, olive oils, egg fee mayo, salad cream, mayonnaise
  • Wine, beer & cider
  • Drinks & beverages - Fruit juices, soft drinks, juice concentrates, vegetable juice, water, herbal & fruit teas, green & white teas, coffee, soya & rice milk, coconut milk, dried goats milk
  • Fairtrade goods – we have a wide range of fairly traded goods which include Clipper teas, coffee, drinking chocolate hot chocolate, honey, biscuits, chocolates, wines, sugar, cereals